The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way companies work. As businesses slowly go back to normal, themes such as looking after employees’ wellbeing, increasing process efficiency, and reducing costs remain high on the agenda, which is also reflected in the trends emerging in the cleaning industry.

What exactly are these trends, and how will they benefit businesses in 2022? Read our top ten list to find out:

Table of Contents:

1. Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the leading commercial cleaning trends for 2022. Moving to a cradle-to-grave philosophy and minimizing your environmental impact has never been more urgent for businesses. When it comes to commercial cleaning, this starts with reviewing your purchases, tools, and processes and prioritizing sustainable solutions, including ecological cleaning supplies, sustainable packaging, and using refillable containers whenever possible.

2. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning equipment (heating up small amounts of water and using the resulting steam to disinfect surfaces) is widely used in hospitals. An effective disinfection method, steam cleaning is affordable and environmentally friendly. Therefore, it’s expected to become a popular option for office cleaning services this year.

Steam Cleaning

3. UV-C Technology

Ultraviolet-C technology uses ultraviolet radiation at wavelengths between 200 and 290 nm to kill bacteria and viruses. As cutting edge as this sounds, UV-C has been used in hospitals since the 1960s and is a known disinfectant for air, water, and nonporous surfaces, making it an ideal choice for commercial cleaning services as well.

4. Deep Cleaning

In 2022, just vacuuming the floor and some dusting no longer means a clean office. Instead, companies are expected to clean and disinfect surfaces regularly (including door handles, countertops, tiles, and grout). A professional COVID-19 cleaning service can help adopt such hospital-grade cleanliness standards using EPA’s list N products whenever possible.

5. Battery-Powered Equipment

More and more office building cleaning services are switching to battery-powered cleaning equipment this year. The energy density of batteries has increased over the years; they have also become smaller, lighter, and more durable. As a result, they can be used to conveniently clean large areas such as airports, office buildings, hospitals, and schools. While the next breakthrough (for machines in the cleaning industry and anywhere else) will be sustainable batteries, the rechargeable quality and longer life cycle are a step in the right direction.

Battery-Powered Equipment

6. Efficiency Tools and Planning Systems

Investing in the latest machines is one way of embracing technology; using smart planning tools is another. In 2022, office cleaners ditch paper checklists and opt for tablet-based cleaning systems for scheduling, planning, and analyzing the cleaning process and results. Commercial cleaning services can leverage this data to find the areas that need more attention and provide you with a better overview of the results.

7. High-Tech Cleaning

Demand for high-tech cleaning equipment is growing as office cleaning services look for ways to increase their productivity. From UV-C vacuum cleaners to futuristic equipment like exoskeletons (to support cleaning staff in demanding physical tasks), anything goes in the spirit of harnessing technology for sparkling clean results and employee safety.

High-Tech Cleaning

8. Consistency

Consistency means never skipping a schedule. Using the same reliable products, and following the prescribed cleaning methods to maintain high standards is a must for commercial cleaning services for offices. Doing so not only leaves a clean, safe environment but also builds long-term trust and reduces employee anxiety.

9. Transparency

As your employees return to the office after long periods of working from home, they should be briefed on the latest cleaning requirements and best practices. This includes sharing the cleaning schedule and the steps taken to disinfect the office to prevent outbreaks so that everyone feels safe being back to work.


10. People Focus

While your employees may not be commercial cleaning experts, starting a conversation about their needs will help outline your office cleaning schedule. Some questions to ask:

Ask your employees anything that makes sense for your company’s culture. Involving them in this topic may help improve your commercial cleaning practices in 2022.

Hire a Commercial Cleaning Expert with AF1 Cleaning & Maintenance!

While sustainability, technology, and hospital-grade cleanliness are all important trends in the cleaning industry, your commercial cleaning company needs to understand your unique needs first to be able to offer a personalized service.

AF1 Cleaning & Maintenance has years of commercial cleaning experience in various industries. So whether you’re looking for COVID-19 cleaning services or green cleaning tips, AF1 Cleaning & Maintenance experts can help you develop the best strategies for your organization. Call us to get the most out of your office cleaning in 2022.

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